[TakeFile] How to purchase and use a premium account [Pre-clear]

Overseas downloaders are mostly free, but with a free account, there are many limitations such as waiting time before DL and limits on the number of downloads.

Also recently there were files that can be downloaded only for premium users. This is a "premium account (paid)", called "premium", which removes all such restrictions.

This time overseas downloader TakeFile. I bought a premium account (paid).

It was a bit confusing so I will explain how to acquire it with images.

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  • How to purchase a premium account for "TakeFile"
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  • Using "JDownloader2" is recommended if you have an unreasonable mind.
  • When using foreign services, it is recommended to install a VPN
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1. About Get a File

"TakeFile" is a foreign bootloader.
High link viability and long file storage.

Purchasing a premium account has the following benefits:

Benefits of a premium account
  • Unlimited fast downloads
  • Unlimited parallel downloads
  • No waiting time
  • Without advertising

TakeFile premium account fee

Period Bandwidth Price
30 days 65 GB 19.99 $
60 days 65 GB 29.99 $
90 days 65 GB 39.99 $
365 days 65 GB 99.99 $
Take the file Recommended plan on the side - 90-day contract marked .

About "TakeFile" download bandwidth

"Take a File" has no speed limit, but the bandwidth that can be downloaded is fixed, and the upper limit is "65GB" in 2 days.

Even if "65GB" is used up, it will be replenished after 2 days.

Download speed "TakeFile"

Download speeds ranged from 3 MB to 20 MB.

Depending on the time of day, the download speed is very high.

About the automatic update of "TakeFile"

"Get File" will not auto-renew even if you purchase a premium account.
Since this is a one-time purchase, you will need to purchase it again when your account expires.

Can be purchased ahead of time to increase the number of days.

About TakeFile PLG Premium Link Generator

"TakeFile for many years, but I haven't found a PLG Premium link generator that I can use regularly.

Firstly, there are few sites that support it, and if there are, then the daily download limit is 10 GB, maximum 20 GB.

In this case, it is more convenient to use the official website, where you can use 65 GB in 2 days. The official download speed is also faster.

"Get the file If you are looking for a PLG Premium Link Generator for ", buy from officially recommend.

About TakeFile Resellers

"Take the file. There are quite a few resellers (resellers)", including domestic and foreign, but I do not like resellers in the first place, so I do not use them. It is expensive because the fee is added to the amount that can be purchased officially.

This is claimed to be secure because you don't have to give your personal information to the downloader, but now, with V-Preca and a VPN, I don't think that's an issue. I think it's good to use those who can't buy it on their own.

I bought from the official , not the reseller to recommend .

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2. How to purchase a premium account for "TakeFile"

Click here to find out how to purchase a premium account.

All languages are English, so if you are using Chrome, right click and use "Translate to Japanese" to make it easier to understand.

Create a TakeFile account

TakeFile official page

First, let's create an account at the above URL.

Create from " SIGNUP " in the top right corner.

Follow the instructions on the screen, enter the required items and click SUBMIT.

For some reason an error similar to the one above is shown (the address is already in use), but please check your email as it was created without problems.

If you have received this email, creation is complete.

You should be able to log in.

Get a premium account for "TakeFile"

Purchases of a premium account "TakeFile"

You can pre-purchase at the URL above.

Since this time we will be buying "365 Days", select "VISA/MASTERCARD #1" in the "365 Days Premium" column.

As the payment screen is displayed, enter your credit card details and click "Place Order".

Then you will be taken to a screen where you can enter your V-Preca login information. Click Submit when finished.

Somehow an error occurred here...

Error while capturing your payment: Error while capturing a payment

is displayed, and when I checked it , an error of insufficient balance appeared.
I was able to recharge and pay successfully.

Payment completion screen.

I received an email from V-Preca that "13,962 yen" has been withdrawn.

When I checked my account, it was premium. Your purchase has been completed.

TakeFile official page

It was also possible to pay using "Revolut".

Revolution However, I was wondering if the payment could be made, so I tried it and was able to make the payment without difficulty.

Revolution has a one-time virtual card function, so if you are not sure about it, it is convenient to use it. This is a divine function, after using which the number is discarded and a new number is created.

How to purchase a code/coupon from a TakeFile reseller

As mentioned at the beginning, if you really want to become a premium member, but don't want to give your credit card or personal information to the downloader, one way is to buy from a reseller a code/coupon to become a premium member

The downside is that you will have to pay additional fees to the reseller. Also, if the code itself is obtained illegally, the reward will be canceled after a few days.

Regarding commissions of intermediaries

Fee impression that about 200 yen to 700 yen is added. I feel like it's cheap if you think you can buy peace of mind for that price.

About reseller codes and coupons

If you choose to use a reseller, choose a reputable one.

Fortunately, there are well-known resellers in Japan who claim to be authorized distributors and have high rankings in Yahoo auctions.

Recommended by Japanese Resellers

They are all resellers that I used once and had no particular problems. Yahoo Auctions automatically sends codes and coupons, so they will arrive in about 10 minutes.

Redeem coupon code in "TakeFile"

Purchased code/coupon "TakeFile" page.

Click "MY ACCOUNT" at the top of the landing page URL .

Enter the code you purchased from your reseller in the Apply Premium Key box on the MY ACCOUNT screen and click Apply.

Your code/coupon has now been activated and you can become a premium member.

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3. File upload method "TakeFile"

Find a link to the desired file.

Click Create Download Link.

The download will start.

Enable Direct Download "TakeFile"

If you don't like being skipped to the Takefile page every time, you can download the file right away by checking "DirectDownloads (PremiumOnly)" in the lower right corner of "MyAccount".

This can only be activated with a premium account.

Using "JDownloader2" is recommended if you have an unreasonable mind.

If you download through the browser, you will have to download from scratch if you disconnect on the way. Also, parallel downloads can slow things down.

"JDownloader2" is a high performance download software that can fix such a situation.
This is a downloader that supports various sites, including foreign downloaders.

Since it details how to use it, please read it if you are interested.

When using foreign services, it is recommended to install a VPN

When using such foreign services, we recommend using a VPN in terms of privacy and security. (does not leave download history, etc.)

Recommended by Japanese Resellers

Abbreviation for "virtual private network".

Simply put, you can use the Internet on a virtual "leased line".

Anonymity is improved because the IP address can be freely changed.

If you're not using a VPN, you'll be able to see everything from your activity history to your download history based on your IP address, so anonymity doesn't exist.

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4. Summary

"Get the file" I bought a premium account for

As the screen got weirder and weirder, my anxiety grew, but I was able to calm down and preclear safely.

If you do not understand here, I will answer as much as possible, so please leave a comment.