Avery & Olivia

Avery & Olivia

New freshman Avery gets his education at CF off to a hot start with coed fave, Olivia! Olivia quickly gets Avery’s shirt off as they kiss.

Avery makes out with Olivia. He lies back on the sofa so she can blow him. Olivia deep throats Avery’s cock. He holds back her hair and watches her swallow his dick.

Flipping positions, Avery eats Olivia out. He slides his tongue deep into her pussy and strokes his hard cock. Olivia whimpers as she plays with her tits and gets eaten out.

Avery moves up to kiss Olivia’s tits, then feed her his dick again. He stuffs his cock into her pussy and she moans loudly.

Avery holds Olivia’s legs apart as he thrusts into her. She takes him sideways and yelps even louder. Avery pounds her harder, kissing her mouth and neck.

Getting on his back, Avery watches Olivia blow him again. Then she climbs up on his dick. Olivia grinds on Avery’s cock, then bounces up and down on him. Avery smacks her ass, then squeezes it tightly as he drills up into her.

Avery smacks her cheek again, stuffing his dick all the way inside Olivia’s pussy. She hops off and gets on all fours so he can fuck her doggy-style. Avery slides back into her, making her take every inch of his cock.

Olivia whimpers as he fucks her, shoving his cock all the way into her. The intense pounding lands her on her stomach with her ass in the air. Avery fucks her until he’s ready to cum.

Avery pulls out and blasts his load onto Olivia’s back and ass. Looks like our new freshman just made the grade!

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Avery & Olivia Avery & Olivia Avery & Olivia Avery & Olivia Avery & Olivia Avery & Olivia


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