Blane and Tiffany

Blane and Tiffany

Blane and Tiffany are both relatively new faces to the CF Campus, so I thought I would pair them together and see them spark a new flame from green timber. Blane already proved he can ignite flares with his own match. Tiffany’s pairing with Connor is still smoldering, so I wanted to how how intense their heat would be together.

The couple kisses on the couch. Tiffany feels Blane’s muscles through his golf shirt with her hands, then strips it off Blane. Her fingers drop to his crotch to fondle his dick through his jeans, while he removes her shirt. Tiffany straddles his legs and peels his underwear down to reveal his already-

hard cock. She sucks on it and kisses his balls. Tiffany strokes his dick with her fingers as she kisses his pecs and abs.

Blane unsnaps her bra and lets her breasts spring free. Tiffany pushes him back against the couch. He spreads his arms and she goes back down on his rigid cock. She licks the shaft and then swallows the head. Tiffany deepthroats his cock, then sucks his balls. Tiffany returns to deepthroating his taut erect penis.

Blane stands and pushes his cock deep into Tiffany’s mouth. She sucks on his dick, taking the entire length into her mouth. Blane lays her back against the couch. He sucks and kisses her tits before gets between her legs and eats out her pussy. He fingers her while he teases her clit with his tongue.

“Show me what you got,” Tiffany begs. Taking Blane’s cock in her hands, Tiffany strokes his hard dick and aims it toward her pussy. She teases the head of his dick against her before allowing him to enter. Blane pushes his cock deep into her, then withdraws it fully. He does this a couple of times before developing a rhythm, driving deep each time. He fucks her slowly in this missionary position, then picks up the pace with faster thrusts.

He sits back against the cushions of the couch. His dick is hard and tight against his abdomen. Tiffany sucks on it before straddling him and pressing his cock deep inside her. She rides him cowgirl-style, leaning forward to kiss him as she does. Tiffany controls the pace of their fucking by lifting and pressing against his hard shaft. Tiffany switches positions to a reverse-cowgirl position and rides his cock from behind. Blane slaps her ass and grabs it, watching as he presses her raw, red ass onto his stiff cock.

Warning her that this position was about to make him cum, Blane lets his dick to pop out. Blane drills her from behind. Their skin slaps with each thrust; her ass reddens as they continue their fucking. Blane slows, and repositions the couple on the couch. He enters her missionary style again, and bangs her on the cushions. Blane slows again, taps the head of his cock against her pussy before shoving it back in and nailing her with quick motions.

“I want you to cum for me,” Tiffany tells Blane. Tiffany straddles him and mounts his cock. She her body lifts and falls with his thick shaft insider her, and she rides his stiffening cock until it is ready to explode. Blane watches himself bury his cock deep within her. Blane tells Tiffany he is ready to cum and she pulls off him as he shoots his big load onto his abs. He jerks the remaining cum from deep in his dick, and Tiffany runs her fingertips along the shaft, then cups his balls playfully.

From this pairing, I would say that the new crop will have no trouble keeping things hot around Corbin’s campus for a long long time.

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