Brock Fucks Olivia

Brock Fucks Olivia

I paired our newcomer muscle guy Brock with fiesty CF honey Olivia, who shared that both are real life neighbors (with some unrequited fantasies they want to live out). Both have incredible bodies and are eager to get started, so I let these two go at it.

They start kissing and quickly Brock and Olivia have their shirts off. Olivia, in a pink and black bra, wastes no time getting the muscle guy’s fly unzipped and sliding her hand into the crotch of his jeans. Brock lays her back against the mattress, kissing her neck, bra and abs. He peels off her jeans revealing pink panties, kisses her mouth and neck and grinds his crotch into hers.

Brock moves to kiss her abs again, then gets into her satin panties to eat her out. He licks her pussy with an eager tongue, and reaches into his own pants to stroke himself. Brock fondles her left breast as Olivia frees his hard cock from his fly.

Olivia goes to work on his cock, both with her mouth and pumping it by hand. She sucks on his dick. Brock stands on the bed to remove his jeans and briefs, and gives Olivia full access to his cock and balls, which she devours eagerly. Brock moves to sit on the bed in front of her as she continues to suck him off.

Brock is rock hard, and Olivia straddles him, pushing his dick up into her. She rides him cowgirl style, lifting and lowering her tanned, perfect ass down onto his shaft and balls. Brock pumps back, his thick cock buried deep into her with each thrust.

Olivia switches positions to reverse-cowgirl, and Brock watches as his dick plunges back into her. He slaps her ass as he continues to fuck her. He grabs her ass with both hands to control the action. Olivia gets on her back so Brock can fuck her in the missionary position. Brock watches his big cock slide in and out of her pussy.

The two switch to doggy-style, where Brock nails her from behind, popping and slapping against her round ass with each quick thrust. His abs tighten as he gets close to cumming. Olivia whimpers, loving every minute. Brock pulls his cock out momentarily before again pushing it into her. Brock pulls out just before shooting his load on her tight abs, stroking out a messy stream before leaning forward to kiss her.

These friendly neighbors agree that the set-up was “better than they expected.” I am eager to see who else from the CF neighborhood I can pair Brock with.

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