Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle

Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle

I thought it was about time to put muscle god Cain and CF angel Danielle to work on relative newcomer Duncan. Duncan has been paired up with other favorites before but never these two, and never sexual powerhouses like Cain and Danielle.

The three of them kiss on the couch. Buff Cain moves to kiss Danielle’s belly while Duncan and Danielle make out, then the two switch positions. Both guys unbutton her jean shorts and Cain puts a hand into her crotch. The guys remove their shirts while Danielle removes her shorts, revealing pink panties. Both guys rub on her crotch. Cain tells Duncan to lick her pussy. Cain watches briefly before joining in, both men flicking their tongues on her crotch, before tonguing and kissing each other. Cain removes his pants while Danielle helps Duncan remove his. Cain is rock hard beneath his trunks – his cock stretches the fabric tightly. Danielle notices and takes a quick grab as Duncan joins them from behind her.

Danielle is sandwiched between the two men. Danielle removes her bra then bends forward to take Cain’s cock into her mouth. Duncan pulls up behind her and grinds his cock into her backside. The two guys bend forward to kiss each other, while Danielle continues to suck his thick dick. Duncan removes Danielle’s panties and then his own shorts. Danielle sucks Cain’s massive cock while Duncan sticks his dick into her waiting pussy. Duncan slaps his groin against her tiny ass.

“Fuck her! Fuck her! Come on,” Cain commands while Duncan bangs harder. Cain bends forward to get a better view as well as kiss Duncan and suck on his nipples. Cain flips Danielle on her back so he can take his turn fucking her. He plows her deep while she sucks Duncan’s cock. The two guys kiss each other while Cain fucks her. Cain spreads her legs into a wide V, drilling her hard. She whimpers with Duncan’s cock in her mouth. The two guys kiss again. Cain pounds her mercilessly. Cain fucks her in a push-up position, plunging deep into Danielle while he licks Duncan’s nipples and abs. Duncan’s dick is rock hard between their mouths.

The two guys rubs each other’s shoulders before Duncan tells Cain: “I want you to fuck me.” The three switch positions, with Duncan straddling Danielle but leaving his ass open for Cain to enter from behind. Cain plunges into his ass, while Duncan and Danielle kiss. Cain fucks him with increasing intensity. Duncan takes it by burying his mouth around Danielle’s. Cain jackhammers Duncan’s ass until Duncan collapses atop Danielle. Cain continues to pound him from this plank position.

Cain flips Duncan onto his back and Duncan spreads his legs. Cain digs right in and begins pumping him while stroking his cock. Danielle is turned on by the action and leans in to kiss Duncan. Duncan strokes himself as he gets fucked. Cain pumps him harder. Cain pulls out slowly before thrusting in for another round. Duncan’s cock swells and glistens with precum before he shoots his load onto his belly. Cain continues to pound him steadily, watching him cum. Cain pulls out just in time to splash his own creamy load onto Duncan’s cock and abs. Duncan holds and strokes both wet cocks together, milking the last of the cum from them.

I had no doubt that Danielle and Cain would show him a good time, and I knew Duncan could hold his own, but seeing a match-up like this had to be seen to be believed.

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Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle Cain Fucks Duncan & Danielle

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