Connor & Tiffany

Connor & Tiffany

I thought I would pair one of our newest co-eds, Tiffany, with CF Superstar Connor. I felt a match-up like this would show all of us just what Tiffany is made of, and we all would enjoy the heat they created.

The couple kisses, kneeling on the mattress. Tiffany and Connor feel each other’s tight bodies through their clothes. Quickly, Connor removes Tiffany’s pink t-shirt and bra, and kisses Tiffany’s breasts. She removes his t-shirt. Connor turns her around and unzips her jeans shorts from behind her. He stands on the mattress and drops his jeans. His hard cock springs from his Levis, and Tiffany wraps her fingers around it, bringing it to her mouth. She sucks his thick hard cock as she strokes it. Tiffany licks his balls, then returns her attention to deep-throating his cock. Connor pumps his cock deep into her mouth.

The couple changes position and Connor licks her clit. He and kisses Tiffany’s pussy as she squirms below him. He fingers her as he strokes himself between his legs – his hard cock ready to fuck her.

Connor teases the tip of his cock against Tiffany’s pussy before plunging it deep into her. He pushes the entire length of his dick into her. She moans as he pounds her hard in the missionary position. Connor pulls his cock out slowly then drills his way back inside her. Their hips slap together with each push. Connor turns Tiffany on her side, plowing into her with both strong hands holding her hips. He rotates his thrusts from slow and controlled to fierce and powerful. Connor bends forward to kiss her lips.

Connor and Tiffany switches positions to doggy-style. Connor pounds her from behind. Connor pulls her hair and smacks her ass. Tiffany raises onto both knees. Her ass reddens.

Tiffany straddles Connor, pushing his hard cock deep into her, riding him cowgirl style. His balls tighten as he edges closer to shooting his load. Tiffany leans forward to kiss him. His face is red; his dick ready to explode. Connor gives her the nod, and she dismounts in time to watch him spray his jizz all over his tight abs. He jerks the remaining cum from his nuts as Tiffany kisses him. She strokes the cum from his wet cock.

The pairing of this CF superstar and this new co-ed was definitely a great match. With a performance like this, I think Tiffany has definitely secured her place in the Corbin Fisher campus.

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Connor & Tiffany Connor & Tiffany Connor & Tiffany Connor & Tiffany Connor & Tiffany Connor & Tiffany

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