Diego Pounds Olivia

Diego Pounds Olivia

Dark, handsome and muscular, Diego spends most of his time studying architecture, and hitting the gym. I thought I might keep his mind off his studies for a while for setting him up for a workout with Corbin Fisher’s tight-bodied co-ed, Olivia.

The couple kisses in the locker room. His tatted arms pull her close as he lifts her pink t-shirt. Olivia goes to her knees and peels down his gym shorts. She reaches in and withdraws his cock and sucks it. She works it over with her mouth until he is fully hard. He sits on the locker room bench while Olivia blows him. He leans back to watch her pretty mouth worship his fat cock.

Together, they both stand and Diego pushes her up against the lockers, where he removes her t-shirt and bra. His cock presses up against her soft red gym shorts. Diego lays her down on the floor and peels back her red shorts, then eats her pussy. He licks her while he jacks his cock. Olivia pulls his head and face deeper into her.

Diego fingers her while he nibbles her. His cock bobs between his legs, ready to mount her. Diego helps her into position and straddles her torso, pushing his cock deep into her mouth. Olivia sucks on his cock, jacking it at the same time.

Switching positions, Diego moves to the edge of the bench where he pushes his cock deep into Olivia. Her legs and feet – still with her tennis shoes on – wrap around his hips, bringing him closer and deeper within her. Diego pounds her steadily , then withdraws the head of his cock to slap it against her pussy before reinserting it and pounding her again.

Diego reaches forward and grabs her tits while he bangs her. He moves both hands to her ankles and holds her legs for stronger thrusts. Olivia climbs on top of him and rides him cowgirl-style, sliding up and down on the length of his thick shaft.

Diego grabs her tits again, watching Olivia ride him, her tits bouncing with every thrust. Their hips slap together as they fuck. Olivia’s ass is red from the hot action.

Diego stands behind her to bang her doggie-style. Diego plows her, putting both hands on her hips for greater control. His abs tighten as he gets close to shooting his load.

Laying Olivia in the missionary position, Diego holds each leg while he fucks her. Diego shoots his thick white load all over her stomach, pumping it from his cock with his hand.

Diego leans forward to kiss Olivia, his cock still rock hard, thick and ready for a second go-round.

If I can pull Diego away from his studies this easily, I hope I can get him to explore some of the other well-built structures around campus!

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Diego Pounds Olivia Diego Pounds Olivia Diego Pounds Olivia Diego Pounds Olivia Diego Pounds Olivia Diego Pounds Olivia


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