Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney

Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney

Harper and new coed Courtney kiss while Riley looks on. Courtney rubs Harper’s crotch through his jeans before making out with Riley. Harper removes his shirt, and pulls Courtney back to him. Courtney instructs the guys to kiss each other. They kiss while Harper removes Riley’s shirt.

Courtney unzips Riley’s jeans, and then Harper’s. She peels back Harper’s open fly and pulls out his hard cock. She takes it into her mouth. Riley reaches into his own pants and rubs his cock through his boxers, then leans back and removes his jeans. He rubs himself while watching Harper and Courtney make out.

The three of them sandwich together, kissing each other. Harper’s cock is rock-hard. Harper removes his jeans and Riley goes to work on removing Courtney’s shorts and panties. Harper kisses Courtney’s stomach and pussy while Riley goes down on Harper’s dick. Harper eats Courtney out. Riley removes his own boxers and his stiff cock springs free. He sucks Harper’s dick some more.

Harper rolls onto his back. Courtney straddles his face with her pussy. He eats her out as Riley deep throats his dick and strokes himself. Riley rubs both of their cocks together then returns to sucking. Harper fingers Courtney’s fingers and ass.

The threesome switches positions. Courtney sits on Harper’s dick while Riley sticks his cock deep into Harper’s mouth. Harper drills Courtney from beneath her; she rides it to the hilt, cowgirl-style. Riley watches them fuck, kissing Courtney, and plants his dick in Harper’s mouth.

Both Courtney and Riley bend over on all fours in front of Harper. Harper fucks Courtney from behind, doggy-style and slaps and fingers Riley’s ass. Riley begins to finger his own ass as he watches Harper and Courtney. Harper switches positions and begins to eat Riley’s ass. He gets it wet by spitting on it and tonguing it before plunging his dick deep into Riley’s ass. The two guys fuck doggy-style while Courtney watches.

Harper pumps into Riley while kissing Courtney. Courtney kisses Riley, and then gets beneath him to suck Riley’s cock. Harper bangs him harder. The two men lay on their sides, and Harper enters Riley from behind. Holding Riley’s leg up, Harper slides the entire length of his dick into Riley’s ass.

Riley’s shoots a streaming wet load onto his own abs. Harper continues to fuck him, then pulls out just before shooting his own load. Harper cums all over Riley’s inner thighs before reinserting his wet cock back into Riley’s ass. What a welcome for Courtney!

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Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney Harper Fucks Riley & Courtney


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