Marc Fucks Olivia

Marc Fucks Olivia

Standing in the middle of the living room, the couple embraces. Marc lifts Olivia’s shirt, revealing her tight abs. He bends forward and kisses them. He pulls up her shirt higher and nuzzles her tits through her lacy bra. Marc removes her t-shirt and then Olivia removes his. They make out again. Marc seats her on the couch and unbuttons her bra as they continue to kiss. Her breasts spring free, and Marc sucks her nipples. Olivia unzips his jeans and pulls them down. Marc steps out of them as Olivia playfully pulls on his cock through his boxers. Olivia peels back his underwear and allows his semi-hard dick to drop forward. She takes his hardening cock into her mouth and sucks it.

She pumps his dark dick while she sucks. Marc lays her back on the couch and removes her jeans and panties. Olivia tugs on his dick as he fingers her pussy. He kisses her and fondles her breasts. Marc goes down on her, nibbling at her clit and tonguing her pussy while he jerks his cock. Olivia repositions herself on her knees, and sucks his dick. His dick gets harder as she wets it with her mouth and tongue. She strokes his cock and plays with his balls and Marc’s dick thickens, ready to fuck her.

Olivia lays back against the couch and Marc presses his cock head against her pussy. He enters her slowly, with short thrusts at first, then develops a rhythm and drills her even more deeply. Soon he is pounding into her with the entire length of his dick, holding her legs back so she takes every inch. Their bodies slap with each contact. Marc turns her on her side and enters her this way. “I love how your cock feels inside of me,” she exclaims. Marc continues to plow her.

Olivia turns to get on her knees and Marc enters her doggy-style, penetrating her from behind. He watches as he sinks his dark cock into her tight ass. He bangs her hard; his ass tightening with each thrust. The couple changes position again and Olivia rides him as he is seated on the couch. She leans forward, bouncing up and down on his shaft. Marc watches his dick sink into her from behind.

“Damn, I’m gonna cum,” Marc tells her, withdrawing his cock just before he shoots a sticky white load into the crack of Olivia’s ass. He pumps out the remaining jizz with one hand and taps his swollen cock against her butt. She moves from her position to meet him for a series of kisses, as his cock continues to drip with streams of his cum.

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Marc Fucks Olivia Marc Fucks Olivia Marc Fucks Olivia Marc Fucks Olivia Marc Fucks Olivia Marc Fucks Olivia

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