Reed Fucks Tiffany

Reed Fucks Tiffany

Now that Reed has joined us a second time this year, I thought he should be paired with the new Corbin Fisher sweetheart Tiffany. Reed is looking more ripped than ever. Tiffany seems to match, and enjoy, his athleticism. From their first moments together, I knew I was about to see some fantastic sex.

Reed kisses Tiffany, goes in for a butt grab and then clenches a handful of tit beneath her t-shirt. Tiffany grabs his crotch. Reed removes Tiffany’s shirt, revealing her pink bra, then removes his own t-shirt. Tiffany’s lips go directly to Reed’s well-developed chest, and kisses her way down his chiseled abs. She unzips his shorts, and then she lowers his boxer briefs to get a handful of cock. Reed kisses her breasts, before unhooking it in the back and letting her breasts spring free. He kisses her nipples, and he thrusts a hand deep into her shorts. She rubs his cock through his shorts.

Reed lays Tiffany on her back and removes her panties. He dives face first into her crotch, while freeing his cock from his shorts and jacking on it. He eats her pussy. “I want your hard cock,” she tells him. “I want you to fuck me in my mouth.”

Reed straddles Tiffany, his dick and balls landing on her chin. He pushes his hard dick into her waiting mouth and she swallows it. Reed reaches back to play with her pussy while she works on his piece of meat. He pulls his cock out and bangs it against her open mouth before Tiffany takes it and gets to work on it again. Reed has two fingers inside her as she goes to work on his balls and shaft.

Switching positions, Reed spits on his fingers and lubes up his dick as he gets into position to fuck her. He pushes his cock deep into her and fucks her missionary style. His six-pack tightens as the intensity increases between them. He grabs her tits while he pumps into her. Tiffany has to hold herself up as his continued thrusts push her off the bed.

The couple switches positions. With both standing on the floor, Tiffany bends forward to grab the mattress as Reed enters her from behind. Reed holds one of Tiffany’s legs up beside him. His stiff cock pumps deeper into her pussy, before he sets her leg down. He fucks her harder. “Slap my ass,” she tells him. Reed makes her ass blush. His thighs pound against her ass as he hammers into her, slapping her ass.

Tiffany climbs on top of Reed, riding him cowboy-style. Tiffany rotates her hips with Reed deep inside her. Reed fucks her like a jackrabbit, again, slapping into her reddened ass from below her. His balls tighten against the base of his dick. Reed says he’s getting close. Tiffany rolls off him. He blasts a thick load from the head of his hard cock. Tiffany jerks him as jizz coats her fingers and his belly. Tiffany continues to stroke him as she lays beside him with even more kisses.

I was right. Reed and Tiffany’s chemistry and athleticism made for some incredible sex. Tiffany enjoyed herself with this buff stud. I hope I can pair Reed soon with some other physically fit individuals I have in mind. I think the sex might just be even more incredible!

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Reed Fucks Tiffany Reed Fucks Tiffany Reed Fucks Tiffany Reed Fucks Tiffany Reed Fucks Tiffany Reed Fucks Tiffany

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